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Shopping online doesn’t stop in Estonia!

How many times have you felt like the best things are available only in the USA, UK or other European countries? Best deals, best offers, best quality…all coming with the ‘lovely’ phrase: ‘We will let you know when we’ll deliver to Estonia too!’. Well, we think it’s time for a change so… no more waiting!

EshopWedrop is here and it opens doors to your favourite brands from the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Poland! No more asking your friends and family to bring back stuff from abroad. Now you can order your own as if you’d be living there and receive everything at home in Estonia. How good is that?

How does it work?

  • Sign up – Registering on our website is FREE and fast!
  • Activate – Verify your identity and get your international shopping addresses!
  • Shop – You can place orders on any website you want from the USA, UK, Germany, Poland, Italy and France, using your EshopWedrop address at the checkout

For example, if you want to order something from Zalando DE, you just add the item to the basket and at the checkout you copy paste your German address instead of your Estonian one. Your parcel will arrive at our German warehouse, where the EshopWedrop team will pick it up and send it to you in Estonia! Once it arrives, you get to choose your delivery of collection method.

Exclusive offer!
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*Terms and Conditions:

To qualify for the Free EshopWedrop delivery, verify your identity today and unlock your personal EshopWedrop Delivery addresses. The free EshopWedrop delivery discount will be activated automatically and be valid for one month from activation of your account (the moment you unlock your EshopWedrop delivery addresses). This discount is valid only for EshopWedrop delivery charges up to the value of 10 EUR and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts offered by EshopWedrop.

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