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Simply enter the tracking number of your parcel and click “Go”. The system will show you the current location of your parcel. For your convenience you can use both: the original tracking number from the shipper, or the parcel ID which was provided by the EshopWedrop system.


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from Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Italy, France and the UK
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30 years of Logistics experience
Over 10,000 shipments each month
Offices in 9 countries in Europe
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Why to use EshopWedrop?
  • Save money: You will often find products much cheaper in Poland, Germany, Italy, France and the UK. As well as having more choices of products to choose from.
  • Save more money: You can shop from different online stores, consolidate your orders and get them all in one parcel so you save on delivery costs!
  • More choices: You can shop from any online website no matter if it delivers to your country or not. We take care of this for you!
  • Higher quality: Online markets in Poland, Germany, Italy, France and the UK often offer product at cheaper costs, as well as being of higher quality
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Suurepärane teenus, hea ülevaade paki asukohast. Ammu olen soovinud sellise teenuse olemasolu. Janne sõbralikkus ja vastamiskiirus on ka kiiduväärt....


Olen varem jätnud tellimata netipoodidest leitud asjad, kuna pakke Eestisse ei taheta saata, aga nüüd leidsin võimaluse ja jäin ülirahule - tellimisel ka hind väga mõistlik! :) Ja ...


Kiire ja kvaliteetne teenus! Tehniline tugi on kõrgel tasemel. Teenindaja Janne kiirus vastuste andmise puhul on kiitmist väärt!...

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How does EshopWedrop work?
How does EshopWedrop work?

Maybe you are already aware of what is this service about, or maybe you have just been informed that you can shop online from abroad and get your parc...

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