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The EshopWedrop Christmas Advent Calendar

It’s that time of the year, when the EshopWedrop Advent Calendar is BACK!
We love Christmas. Who doesn’t actually?

But most of all we love giving gifts during that period!
No matter your age, you will always continue being a kid in your heart!

Have you ever had to share a Christmas advent calendar as a child?
Then you will know the excitement of it being your day to open the door to chocolate heaven!

The Christmas Advent Calendar is a box included of 25 small doors. Every day you are opening a door and a Christmas chocolate waits for you!

This year, keep your memories alive or create new ones with the EshopWedrop Christmas Calendar!
Select an available door from the EshopWedrop advent calendar to enjoy some of our favourite Christmas carols and for the chance to win an Amazon voucher or EshopWedrop promo code.

Let the Christmas Magic sparkles!

How it works?

1. Visit your EshopWedrop Personal Account
2. The Advent Calendar will pop up to you!
3. Open one door of the advent calendar every day until the 25th December and your gift will appear to you!

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Each registered user will have one chance per day, each chance is valid until the end of every day (23.59) from 1st to 25th of December 2017, to enjoy some of our favourite Christmas carols and for the chance to win an Amazon voucher or EshopWedrop promo code, by making the daily claim in the EshopWedrop Advent Calendar.
  2. Each discount promo code won by the client will be automatically activated in client’s account and will have a validity period of 60 days from the activation date.
  3. Only one discount promo code can be applied per one order. 2 or more discounts promo codes cannot be cumulated and applied to the same order and this is valid for all discount promo codes, either won from the Christmas Advent Calendar campaign, either from any other way.
  4. Each Amazon eGift Voucher will be issued under the applicable Amazon Terms & Conditions and can be redeemed accordingly on the issuing Amazon website.
  5. The winners of promo codes or Amazon eGift Vouchers allow EshopWedrop to use their full names for the public announcements of this marketing campaign’s winners.

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