Estonia Will Continue Stronger

Our Estonian operations will continue, and we continue to deliver parcels to EE customers in Estonia using various deliveries options: Venipak Hubs at the same price as for the Vilnius Flagship, Pickup Points and Lockers from the network of our partners and last but not least door deliveries.

From 1st of March 2023, instead of the old Vilnius Destination Warehouse we will use our Warsaw hub as Destination warehouse for EE meaning that in our Warsaw hub, we will process your orders and will label the parcels for last mile deliveries. Parcels with couriers’ labels on them will then be transported daily from Warsaw to the couriers’ hubs in Kaunas on the same day.

We will achieve this way a faster and more competitive service potentially also with lower costs for you soon. We will certainly reduce the final transit times with at least one day for the parcels to be delivered to you.

Take Poland Origin for example – PL Origin Warehouse will be on the same location with the EE Destination Warehouse (which will be the same warehouse in Poland for both). Thus, parcels received in PL Origin Warehouse will “arrive” in a few hours in the EE Destination Warehouse, then in the evening same day will be with the couriers and in 2 days will be delivered to any address in Estonia. So, 2-days effective delivery time for parcels from PL Origin Warehouse to EE addresses.

We are very happy and honored to continue to deliver your parcels after 1st of March 2023 from Germany, France, Italy and Poland. Soon we will resume our strongly demanded US Origin services in even better conditions than we used to. UK origin will also be opened again in the future. And the real big thing will be opening China in the second half of this year.

Meanwhile, we keep in the system the Venipak Hubs deliveries option at the same lowest prices as we currently charge for Vilnius Flagship orders, and we are strongly encouraging our EE clients to keep on using these with confidence.

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