YourDrops Campaign Spring 2022

Welcome to YourDrops

YourDrops is EshopWedrop’s newest opportunity for our valued customers; we are extending an invitation for you to take part in a unique campaign regarding the business that you are so instrumental in shaping. We are on the lookout for customers with an interest in taking a more active and participative role in our rapidly growing technology based and global cross-border delivery, e-fulfilment and logistics business.

As one of our dedicated customers, you know all too well how EshopWedrop works and your commitment to the business has not gone unnoticed. We have great hopes that this campaign could be the beginning of something new and exciting for EshopWedrop and give our customers an additional perk, given their continued loyalty to our business; by offering them the chance to join a special EshopWedrop loyalty campaign that explores potential stake in our company.

As of January 2022, the mission of EshopWedrop is aggressive expansion, with plans for blanket coverage of Europe within the next 12-18 months. Our newest fulfilment hub in Frankfurt, Germany and current e-customs clearance procedures by way of the Netherlands are making it easier than ever to access, transport and receive parcels into and throughout Europe. Exploring these opportunities hand in hand with us at this crucial and exciting time can only be a benefit to our customers as we continually seek to nurture important relationships with our loyal customers.

What’s in it for me?

We are exploring, through this newest opportunity, potential rewards to customers interested in playing a part in the future of EshopWedrop. This exciting campaign is open to all, as we seek to continue providing unique and uplifting perks and benefits to customers who put so much into the business. We want to create a community of loyal and interested individuals who seek to play a part in something truly incredible as we strive to push the limits of cross-border delivery and what it can ultimately achieve.

The initial stage of the YourDrops campaign aims to identify interested users who might wish to become more actively involved in our business. We would look to reward those expressing a keen interest with a stake in EshopWedrop. It would be our intention to find individuals that:

Believe in our business – Since they use the service regularly or show a particular interest in its workings, customers who believe in the business would be welcome to become part of this ever-growing and exciting enterprise.

Show interest in becoming more than just a customer – As a service user with stake in EshopWedrop you would no longer just be our customer but find yourself closer to the inner workings of the business than ever before.

All amounts received by EshopWedrop as a result of this unique opportunity would be used for the realisation of EshopWedrop’s future business goals; with a particular focus on the plans for rapid expansion that we seek to realise over the next few months.

Ideally, we would like to bring in around 100 valued customers to take part in this campaign where, at its conclusion, they could stand beside us as joint owners in EshopWedrop holding company.

How does this work?

Pre-registration of interest will be open until Thursday 31st March 2022 to allow as many of our customers as possible to analyse this opportunity to engage with our newest venture. Simply log into your account and join our Drops Reward Programme (if you arent yet a member) to access the YourDrops page and register your interest in booking of shares:

Once you have joined our Drops Reward Programme, in the My Drops section of your account you will see a banner that will direct you to the YourDrops page. Here you are able to learn more about the YourDrops programme and register your interest in booking shares. No upfront payment will be necessary.

Join Drops Reward Programme!

To register interest in booking shares, simply select the designated {BOOK SHARES} button and input how many shares you wish to book, the amount of Reward Drops and/or of cash you would like to pledge. This will then indicate the final contribution (Reward Drops and/or cash) you would need to make after the initial stage is completed. Confirm that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of the YourDrops Campaign and the relevant Privacy Policy, before continuing to the next step.

In this way, you may make several share bookings until the pre-registration of interest stage expires.

A full breakdown of any booked or cancelled interest for shares will be made available to you in the relevant section of your Account at any time. 

Upon completion of the pre-registration of interest stage, customers that have indicated interest in booking shares and completed this stage and that have been selected in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, will be contacted offline by EshopWedrop and invited to execute the legally required steps and documentation, to complete phase for gaining ownership of shares; this will include the requirement to make the necessary payment, as indicated. 

Full Terms & Conditions outlining the details of the YourDrops Campaign and any future updates, will be outlined clearly and with full transparency during this campaign’s duration. Please ensure that you check them regularly, so as your actions are always informed. 

Should you have any questions about YourDrops, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team or email us directly and we will be happy to assist with any queries you may have!

Start enjoying the exclusive perks of being an EshopWedrop customer today and the exciting opportunity YourDrops provides!

Stay safe and keep happy,
Your EshopWedrop Team

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